How to Show LearnDash Course Tree on a Page or Post ?

learndash Course TRee

The LearnDash Course Tree WordPress plugin  helps a course creator in showing the course structure to visitors and prospective students . This is primarily achieved by the Admin ( the course creator) by creating categories and subcategories of course .  Once the plug-in is installed, nothing is required to be done .Wherever you desire the the structure of your various courses , just create a page /post and paste the short code. The course categories & sub-categories will appear as under

What you get when you buy?

You get a zipped folder. Unzip it and you will get LearnDash Course Tree Plugin in two flavours- one is simple and on is colored.


You can install both . They are independent of each other . Just upload both one by one and activate them.

LearnDash course tree plugin

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