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Online Course Website Speed Up Service

It is now established that page speed of a website is integrated in the alogrithim of search engine. So , out of many reasons that search engine like Google will make your page higher or lower in ranks , is the page speed. Our optimization service for online course site built with Learndash , Learnpress or SenseiLMS or TutorLMS or LifterLMS , will start with audit and end with confirmed page rank on GTMETRIX .COM , a leading page speed site.

Why You Must Optimise Your Online Course Website 

Here are a few major benefits of LMS website speed optimisation

It is no secret now , after the announcement by the Google , that page speed shall be a criteria for page ranking.Higher the rank means more people will see your courses and that means more conversion to your sales.

Users get the instant gratification when your course pages load fast. It means , they’ll stay on your site longer.

If users feel your web page loads slow , they may not have patience to explore and enrol your courses. They just drift to your competitor’s website . That means lower sales for your online courses

The higher rankings due to a fast load time, more site visitors staying on your site, and more – you’ll see an increase in leads, conversions, and revenue over time when you keep up with your website speed optimization.

We can get your website to load in under 1 second, irrespective of how big it is

We Guranteee ,we deliver your required result in 5 days or less. Don’t worry! We got your back!

Since , we make your web page download faster, we believe it will have positive impact on your search engine rankings.

How Course Page Speed Good For SEO ?

Ranking your LMS site high on Google searches will help you reach a large number of users and perspective customers without any ad spend.So , it really matters to rank high , specially displaying yourself within rank one to ten for particular keyword associated with online course subject. In fact , if your page ranks in the second or third page of Google , you will not be discovered by most of your perspective customers/students .  

The Study on Page Speed & Page Rank

Backlinko conducted a study that examined 11.8 million Google search results and the metrics of the top 10 pages. The purpose of the study was to determine which characteristics were common among the top-performing sites. The finding , if summed up in one sentence -page speed plays a major role in ranking sites.

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Source: Google/SOASTA Research, 2017

As you can see, pages that take longer than even five seconds to load can expect a bounce rate of 90%. With each second beyond that, the chances of someone leaving your page before it loads raises exponentially. 

Therefore , it is easy to understand an LMS site must be have a page speed that loads course pages in less than seconds. We have expertise in converting a low page speed site to a blazing fast LMS site !