How to Setup Learndash Drip Content or Feeds?

LearnDash drip content
learndash drip content

Learndash Drip content means you are providing your students content on a “drip”, i.e. one, by one on a schedule. This way, your students are not overwhelmed by many lessons, topics or quizzes. So instead of providing full access to all material immediately, you drip contents to keep your members engaged. Drip feeding Learndash course is essentially the process of scheduling the delivery of content to your members so that they don’t get all the content at once.

Learndash Drip Content Benefits

Learndash has a robust drip-feeding mechanism which let the course administrators schedule the course lessons delivery, which has some obvious benefits.

  • Sequentially revealing content creates a higher chance of grasping the content without overwhelming by the sheer number of lessons or topics. The student may review it.
  • For a classroom setting, drip-feeding makes it possible to align live classroom instruction with online course components in a structured manner. It prevents students from jumping too far ahead.
  • It also protects a course creator from losing money as any cheat person getting all courses at once , may just ask for money back after downloading all the contents in one go.

Demo Video of Learndash Drip Content

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