Learndash Courses : Apply Negative Marking in Quizzes Now !

learndash Negative Marking

The otherwise excellent course ware plugin i.e Learndash Course – does not have a Negative Marking feature inbuilt in quizzes. Now, the concept of awarding negative marking for incorrect answer is a good step towards curbing guess work. Many a times when students may not be sure about the answer they may indulge in guessing. The  guessing may help to some extent in improving the score but it is not a test of real knowledge of the student.

Negative Marking Extension Plugin for Learndash

In order to fulfill the demand for negative marking in the quiz test within the Learndash Courses, we have come up with an extension plugin for the Learndash that lets you set negative marking . Important features of this plugin are as under:

  1. Negative marking can be set in two kinds of quizzes- Single Answer Type MCQs and Free Answer Type quizzes
  2. You can set marks in decimal also -for example 0.25 or o.10 may be deducted per incorrect answers.
  3. Plugin is fully updated for Learndash Version 2.6 onwards

Video Demo on Learndash Negative Marking Plugin

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